Sunday, December 10, 2006

Samuel Is Still A Little Scared

Hi, it's me, Klu. Samuel's cousin. Huh. I really like being Samuel's cousin. But he's still a little scared. We came out to the living room this morning, and Samuel had climbed up to the top of our Christmas tree. (We hadn't decorated it yet, so he must have thought it was part of the forest. Now it has lights on it, so maybe he'll know it's not part of the forest anymore. Now it's our Christmas tree.) Here's a picture of Samuel in the top of our tree. You can hardly see him, cuz he was hiding.

All of us kids got up on the bookshelf, so we could talk to Samuel. We talked to him lots, and told him we loved him, but he was still scared. (He was crying just a little bit.) Here's a picture of all of us kids on the bookshelf. You can hardly see Samuel in the top of the tree, cuz he was hiding.

Finally, we had an idea. We got Janna to fly up by Samuel and talk to him. She's kind of little and really cute, and she has a high, squeaky voice, so she's not scary at all. She didn't really like landing on the branches cuz they're prickly (she's a gannet, and gannets usually land on the water). So she mostly flew around the top of the tree and made Samuel laugh. Then he stopped being scared, and climbed down and played with us.

Isn't he the cutest baby bear you ever saw? And Janna's pretty cute too, huh?


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