Saturday, September 18, 2010

Me and Uncle Kerms Watch Pootball on the Weekends - POW!

Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear. Um, I wanna tell you 'bout what me and Uncle Kerms do on the weekends. We always watch the pootball. We gotta see how our Donkeys are doin'. (Our Donkeys are the Broncos, but we call them the Donkeys. Huh. That makes me laugh.) When we watch our Donkeys, I'm 'llowed to do some cussin'. Most of the time I'm not 'llowed to do some cussin', but Uncle Kerms says sometimes you need to do some cussin' when we're watchin' our Donkeys.

Here's a picture of me sittin' on the sofa, watchin' our Donkeys, and doin' some cussin'. Uncle Kerms was sittin' there too, but I can't post a picture of him cuz 'dults have to be 'nnonymous on my blog (Get a Klu). (Big Mummy says I can't write any cuss words on my blog, so I can't tell you what we were sayin' when our Donkeys did something bad.

Then the game got so 'citing that I had to sit on the coffee table. Here's some pictures of me sittin' on the coffee table.

These pictures are from last weekend. Um, I gotta go now and ask Uncle Kerms if we're gonna watch our Donkeys this weekend. Bye.

Klu the Bear

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