Monday, April 01, 2024

It's My Birfday!

 Hi, it's me, um, Klu!

Today is April 1st, and it's my birfday! My birfday has always been on April Fools Day, ever since I got born. 

One of my birfday presents was a new bike helmet. I outgrewed my old one cuz my head got bigger. Here's a picture of me wearin' one of my birfday presents this morning. I'm wearin' Big Mummy's giveaway prize too. You can see it on my tummy - the moon and star pendant. (If you want to enter her giveaway, you can click HERE, but do it later, 'kay, when you're done readin' my blog.) If you win the giveaway, it'll be kinda like your birfday too!

The reason I was wearing my new birfday helmet was cuz me and Big Mummy rode to Pure Bliss to get my birfday cake! Sometimes I ride my own bike, but today I rode on the back of Big Mummy's bike. Here's a bideo before we left. I'm on the back of Big Mummy's bike. You should watch my bideo.

Here's a picture of how I hang on when we're going really fast.

Pure Bliss is my most favorite place in the world. They have lots of cakes. I always get the Chocolate Bliss Cake. It's the best cake. Here's a  bideo of me pointing at the Chocolate Bliss Cake. (I didn't ruhlly need to do some pointin' cuz Big Mummy already knew which cake I wanted. I always get the Chocolate Bliss Cake.)

Sometimes we sit on the pink sofas and eat our cake, but today we took it home. But I wanted to look at it first. Here's a poto of me doin' some lookin' at my Chocolate Bliss Cake on the pink sofa before we took it home.

I got a striped candle too.

I wanted to look at my cake again when we got home, but Big Mummy said I just needed to put it in the fridge. Here's a picture of me wishin' I could look at my cake again.

Now I gotta do some waitin' till after dinner. Here's me doin' some waiting till after dinner so I can eat my cake.

Don't forget to sign up for Big Mummy's giveaway. Now you can do it cuz you read my whole blog. You can click HERE.


Klu the Bear

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  1. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Happy birfday, Klu! May your year be full of playin’ and fun!