Friday, November 24, 2006

I Wish I Were A Cat

Hi, I'm Klu, and I wish I were a cat. Wanna know why? Cuz cats have nine lives, so they must get to have nine bacations of a lifetime. I already had my bacation of a lifetime (that was my trip on the David B) so all my other bacations are just normal bacations. I just had a normal bacation for Thanksgiving. We went to a place in the mountains called Estes Park. (I don't know what 'Estes' means, and it's not really a park, it's a town.) We stayed in the best cabin ever. I like cabins in the mountains a lot. When you stay in a cabin, it's almost as exciting to look out the windows as it is when you're a Sailor Bear. We saw lots of animals (wild animals, not tame animals like me and the other kids) and we had lots of adventures.

Um, the first wild animals we d'scovered when we got to the cabin were a lot of mice. We didn't actually see them, but we could tell they'd been there. (I'm not 'llowed to tell you how we knew we'd been there, cuz that would be gross. You'll have to ask your Big Mummy or Daddy to 'splain to you.)

Then, we went out for a hike. When it was getting dark, we heard a whole pack of coyotes singing. I'm not sure I liked it very much. It made the fur stand up on my arms. Then, we saw a dark shape come running up the hill toward us. I didn't like that very much either. Coyotes don't eat wild bears, but I wasn't sure about a small, tame bear like me. But then when it got closer, we saw it wasn't a coyote at all. It was a deer. I think he was running away from the coyotes, cuz he was in a hurry. Deers can run really fast, even when they're going uphill.

Then we walked a little further, on a gravel road by the cabin, and we scared a herd of elk. There were about 30 elk in the herd. That's a lot of elk. We didn't even see them till they started running, and then they ran right past us. I kind of liked that a lot, but I kind of didn't like it, too. Those elks are bigger than my Big Mummy and my Auntie E and me combined. I'm glad they didn't come any closer. But it was real 'citing.

Then the next day was Thanksgiving. We saw a coyote walk right past the cabin, and then later we saw some deer. That made me real thankful. And we went snowshoeing to a special place: Bear Lake! I was so 'cited there was a lake just for bears. It was all frozen. But we didn't see any bears 'cept me.

I like bacations.

Oh, I forgot to say: if you look real close at one of the pictures of us looking out the window, you can see Santa Claus. That's cuz it's almost Christmas, now that Thanksgiving is over.

Auntie E told me that Hannah wanted to know why I haven't recorded my album yet. I can't make no audio posts right now, cuz that AudioBlogger thing went away. But I wrote a song that we sing all the time. The words are our phone number, but I can't tell you them, cuz then we wouldn’t be 'nonymous anymore. I made up the song to help Auntie E 'member my phone number, in case she wanted to call me from work, when her cell phone was off. And it's a really good song, cuz now she 'members my phone number and calls me sometimes. I'll write another song soon. And I asked for a digital recorder for Christmas. Then I can record my album. When I was little, I wanted to be a famous Rock Star Bear, but now I'm a famous Bloggin' Bear, and I want to be a Captain Bear and a 'Tographer Bear. It's hard to decide what to be. (Sometimes when we get tired of my Telephone Number Song, we sing a different song 'bout a telephone number. Maybe you know it: 867-5309. I don't know whose number it is. Maybe I should try calling it and see who answers. 'Cept it's kind of late tonight. I don't want to wake someone up, just to hear them sing their phone number. And I don't know the area code. I can't 'member that part of the song. I put my area code in my song for Auntie E.)

That's all for now, cuz Auntie E wants to check her email.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Klu,

I want to hear your phone number song so I'm gonna call you tonight and I hope I get to hear you sing it. Where is Santa Claus? I thought he lives at the North Pole.

ciao, ciao

Hannah g

Linseed said...

Wow what a wonderful place! You sure do get to some nice places! Love to Big Mummy & Auntie E

Auntie Linseed