Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Got A Topic Today

Hi, it's me, Klu the Bear, and I got a topic today. It's about me and Blu making snow angels. Um, hang on a minute -- Blu wants to say hi too.

Hi, it's me, Blu. I never wrote nothin' on a blog before, cuz I'm not a Bloggin' Bear like Klu. I just like to do some walkin'. And I really like walkin' in the snow. I'm really good at walkin'. Better than Klu, cuz he's kinda pigeon-toed. And my head is bigger than his, cuz I got more stuffin'. That's all. That's the first time I wrote on a blog. Love, Blu.

Hi, it's me again, Klu. That was my cousin, Blu. I think he could be a Famous Bloggin' Bear too someday, cuz he's good at saying stuff.

Okay, I gotta tell you about me and Blu making snow angels. I got my favorite-est wish last night, cuz it snowed all night. We didn't get quite nine and a half inches, cuz then it would be over our heads. But Big Mummy said she thought it was at least five. It came up to my tummy (where I have that weird crease, but I haven't thought about that for a long time). So me and Blu went out and made snow angels. Here's two pictures of us making snow angels.

Here's a picture of what the snow angels looked like after we got up. But the light wasn't very good, so they kind of just look like squiggles in the snow. But they're really snow angels.

Then me and Blu had a wrestling match in the snow. Bears like to wrestle. Blu won, cuz he's bigger than me and he's got more stuffin'. Here's a picture of us after we got done wrestling.

We're inside now, getting dry by the heater. I like winter. I like snow a lot. Bears like snow, you know, cuz we've got fur.

Klu the Snow Angel Bear

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