Sunday, November 19, 2006

Roma's Senior Photo

Hi, it's Klu, that's me, the Bloggin' Bear.

Um, this is a post to show you Roma's Senior Photos. Roma is my cousin, and she's the most beautiful muppet in the whole world, so I decided to take her Senior Photos. She's not really a senior yet -- she's just a little muppet. But we were pretending. So here are Roma's Senior Photos. Isn't she the prettiest muppet you ever saw?

First we used a matching backdrop, but then you couldn't see her very well, and Big Mummy suggested we use a contrasting color. Contrasting means a color that is different. Roma is orange and pink, so a contrasting color is teal. Roma isn't teal. I like being a 'Tographer Bear. I wonder if I could be a Captain Bear AND a 'Tographer Bear when I grow up.

Geraldo the Draft Dragon (do you remember him? -- he was the dangerous sea serpent in the pirate post) was there by the door, getting ready to guard us against dangerous drafts. He watched our photo shoot and made Roma laugh. I wonder why people (and bears and muppets) always look better when they laugh? If I'm gonna be a Famous 'Tographer Bear, I need to learn how to make my subjects laugh before I take their picture. I could say, 'say cheese,' but that's not really very funny, I don't think. I wonder why people always say that.


Geraldo's the nicest Draft Dragon I ever met. Maybe I'll do a photo shoot of his Senior Photo someday.

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