Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Best Ever Portrait of Me, Klu

Hi, um, ahoy, it's me, Klu, but I'm not a Pirate Bear anymore. That was just pretending, for Hal'ween.

Sometimes the best things ever happen. One of those best things ever happened yesterday. Auntie E painted my portrait!!! I had to still really, really still, so she could see what I looked like. It's hard to sit still. I think that's cuz I'm a bear, and bears are all wiggly. But I sat still real good, cuz I didn't want to mess up Auntie E's portrait of me. Having my portrait painted means I'm a Famous Bear. We put the portrait up on the wall, so we can look at it all the time.

Next, I think Auntie E should paint a portrait of Roma and Bruno and Janna and Blu and Bianca and Big Mummy and our green house with the yellow trim where we live and the mountains and the David B (that's the boat I had my bacation of a lifetime on -- you can look at my posts from September if you want to see me as a Sailor Bear) and lots and lots of other things. But 'specially Roma, cuz I think she'd make a real good portrait.


PS. Auntie E got a smudge of black stuff on my cheek while she was painting me, so I'm not quite a Clean Bear anymore. Maybe I can have another bath soon. I liked taking a bath a lot.

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  1. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Hello Klu and Big Mummy,

    Lovely portrait. Auntie E does nice work.


    Miss Kate