Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Terrible 'Sperience I Had

Hi, it's me, Klu, and I had a terrible 'sperience last night. I was sitting with Big Mummy on her desk while she was workin' on her novel. (She's a writer.) She gets to have a sticker for her calendar when she finishes writing, so I was helping her pick out her sticker. Having a sticker helps her write better. Here's a picture of me holding the stickers.

But then I fell asleep on the desk, and Big Mummy forgot about me. She went to bed, and she thought I was just sleepin' under the covers, cuz that's what I always do. But I wasn't. I fell asleep on the desk. Here's a picture of me sleeping on the desk.

Then I woke up in the middle of the night and I was scared. I didn't know where I was, cuz I wasn't under the covers where I always sleep. I was in a big, dark, scary room, all by myself. The other kids weren't there. Auntie E wasn't there. I was scared. And the door to my bedroom was closed, and I'm not big enough to open it by myself. I banged on it as loud as I could, but my paws are kind of squishy and so they don't make much noise. (Usually it's good for bears to be able to be quiet, when they're in the woods, but squishy paws don't bang very loud on my bedroom door.) Big Mummy didn't wake up, and none of the kids woke up. So I had to stay by myself in the living room and sleep on the couch for the rest of the night. I thought I could pretend to be a 'Venturous Bear, but I didn't feel very much like a 'Venturous Bear. I felt more like a Little Bear. Here's a picture of me on the couch.

I was real glad when it got to be morning, and Big Mummy came out and found me. (I cried, but just a little bit, cuz I was so glad I got found.)

So that was my terrible 'sperience. Now I'm gonna go play with the other kids.


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  1. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Hiya :)
    Guess who? ;) lol
    Sorry I haven't stopped by here sooner. Had a lot of things on the go at once here.
    Just took advantage of a quiet moment or two to go through all my old E-mails and found the link to this blog.
    I really like it, lol :)
    A lot of people in this world are in dire need of a playful side.
    Good on you!
    Take care there, and keep having fun! :)
    *waves bye-bye to Klu for now*