Friday, November 10, 2006

Somethin' 'Citing, But It's A Secret, So I Can't Tell

Hi, it's me, Klu.

I’m really 'cited, cuz the 'citing-est thing ever is going to happen, but it's a secret, so I can't tell you what it is. But I can give you a clue. Huh. Get a Klu. Huh. Huh. Get it? I can give you a klu. Huh, that's funny how my name and 'clue' sound the same. Here's the clue: it's about another bear, but his name isn't Blu. (Blu's my cousin and his head is fatter than mine. That's how you can tell that he's Blu and I'm me, Klu.) But this secret isn't about Blu, it's about another bear whose name is Samuel, and he's on a long journey. But that's all I can tell you right now about my secret. Here's a picture from today of me and Blu, so you can tell the secret isn't about us, cuz we're not on a long journey. We're right here, playing on Big Mummy's desk, and she let us each have a sticker. Mine is a squirt gun and Blu's is a frog. I like stickers a lot. I help Big Mummy pick out her writing stickers every day.

I'll maybe give you another clue about Samuel and his long journey pretty soon, but it's a secret, so I can only give you one clue at a time.

Klu (clue)


Anonymous said...

I bet I know what it is. I think you are adopting another bear.


hannah g

Linseed said...

ooh! cant wait!


auntie linseed