Friday, March 08, 2024

Do You Like Giveaways?

 Hi, um, I'm Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear! Huh huh, that's funny. I'm a Bloggin' Bear again! I like doin' some bloggin'.

And I ruhlly like makin' some bideos. In this bideo, I show you the cord Big Mummy made for me to wear her giveaway prize. I can only wear the giveaway prize when I'm doin' some modelin' for a bideo. 

You could win the giveaway prize if you sign up! In the bideo, I tell you to type 'giveaway' but that just works on Instagram. Here's the link where you can sign up:


Here's a picture of me wearin' the giveaway prize. I didn't know Big Mummy took this picture.

I'm wearin' it on my new cord. If you watched the bideo, you know what I mean.


Klu the Bear

PS. If you win the giveaway prize, Big Mummy will ask you how long a cord you want. We won't make you wear it on my cord. It might not go around your neck.

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