Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Wilbsie Doin' Some Modelin' with Rings on her Trotters

 Hi, um, it's me, Klu the Bear. 

We just did a poto-shoot of some rings Big Mummy just made. Two of the rings were too small to go on my hand-paws, so I 'cruited Wilbsie to be my fashion model. Wilbsie is my sister and she's a pink pig. She got ruhlly 'cited 'bout being my fashion model. 

We went out in the sunshine to find a good place for our poto-shoot. We put the two small rings on her front trotters and the big ring on one of her back trotters. (The big ring is the same one that I'm wearing in my new pr'fessional headshot.) Just then Darsie came out and got mad cuz she wanted to be a fashion model too. She did some ruhlly loud mwackin' and squawkin'. I said we could have two fashion models, but the rings didn't fit on Darsie's wingtips. Or her big orange webbed feet. Not even the biggest ring. So I said I was just gonna have Wilbsie be my fashion model. Darla got mad and pouted. (You can see her in the back of the poto, doin' some poutin'. She's sitting funny, with her big orange webbed foot goin' sideways. You can see why even the biggest ring didn't fit.)

Klu, Wilbsie and Darla with her back turned

It's kinda hard to take potos of Big Mummy's joolry on a fashion model. That's what I 'scovered today. Sometimes the joolry looked okay but the fashion model looked like she was skeert.

Amethyst Ring, Carnelian & Fire Citrine Ring, Vesuvianite & Kyanite Ring

Other times the fashion model looked really cute but the jools were all blurry.

I even tried to take a bideo when the fashion model was bein' really cute, but most of the jools came out blurry.

But finally we got the best picture ever. 

We took a closeup too, so you can see how pretty Big Mummy's rings are.

Carnelian, Fire Citrine, Wide Silver Ring with Copper

You can't buy these rings from Big Mummy quite yet. She's doin' a thing called a launch. A launch is when she makes lots of jools and shows you pictures of them so you can see how pretty are, but you're not 'llowed to buy them. You have to wait. Then one day, she lets you buy all of them at once. She says it's so that you get 'cited and it feels like waiting for your birfday presents. You can find out what day is gonna be her launch (kinda like your birfday) if you sign up for her email list. You also get entered in her giveaway and I send you a welcome bideo with a code for a discount. (I can't tell you the code - you have to sign up and watch my bideo.) You can sign up here.

I think I'm ready to post my blog now.


Klu the Famous Bloggin' Bear

PS. A long time ago, Wilbsie had a crush on Maxwell. You can read about Wilbie's crush on Maxwell here. I don't know if she still has a crush on Maxwell, because we haven't seen him in a long time. I think it made her feel squiggly inside when he said 'EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee! Pure...adrenaline.' 

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